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        Ana Paula Gil

    Travel, food, objects and interiors.


Ana Paula is a New York–based researcher, designer, and cook. An economist by training with over nine years of experience, she’s worked with multidisciplinary teams for tech startups, high-impact global non-profit organizations, and innovation hubs.

She was born in Mexico and mainly lived between her small province, Querétaro and Mexico City. She fell in love with the eclectic chaos and beauty of metropolitan life and moved to New York in 2017, but her most profound inspiration still comes from the energy of Mexico City. After moving to NYC, she has gravitated toward different fields of interest that spark her curiosity, including food, art, design, and physical movement.

Today as a designer, Ana Paula incorporates her love for beauty and balance with her research-savvy tools to bring food, travel, design, and movement experiences to life. She is also an avid yoga practitioner, has a 200HR yoga certification, and is finishing her Interior Design studies at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Her design approach is informed by her aimed way of balanced living, her intrigue to understand how things work, what she calls “the why of mundane things,” and her deep attraction to anthropology, food as an experience, culture, and spiritual transcendence.

Ana Paula collaborates with brands through modeling, experience and travel design, menu curation, recipe development, content creation and photography.