a b o u t

        p o r t f o l i o

        Ana Paula Gil

    Travel, food, objects and interiors.


Experiential Food Gathering ︎︎︎ Oct 2021, New York

un•earth Setting, wines, and food inspired by the seasons.
Earth, un•earth, brings from the soil to the light and back into the soil for a new cycle. The setting is food; the table brings together and separates. The course is predictable yet unknown, like the ways of the seasons.

In this edition of the dining series, we explored the flavors of Autumn. The source was the forest and the focus was on accompanying the flow of the season. Chinese medicine focuses on the preparation of the body for winter. The hearty yet playful flavors and smells should follow that turn. The time is for harvesting and for introspection. Yet the finding of something perhaps unknown is present.

Dinner series hosted in TriBeCa, New York.
 Autum-themed chocolate ganache tart.

Recipe Develpment ︎︎︎New York, NY

Through experimentation and exploration with local and seasonal ingredients, Ana Paula's approach to developing food compositions and flavors embeds her Mexican heritage with a contemporary process and inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine. 
The threading guide of her process is her pursuit of making everything she prepares flavorful without compromising the natural properties of the ingredients and achieving a balanced and nourishing meal.